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Spain: the number of mortgages decrease

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The number of mortgages on homes in April stood at 17.508, representing one 18.1% less than recorded a year earlier, according to National Institute of Company. Thirty-six months in negative chain. Thus, during the month of April the amount of half of the constitutions of mortgages registered in the records of the property (from previously performed deeds) stood at 108.304 euros, 5% lower than the same month of the year 2012 and 3.6 per cent lower than that recorded in March 2013 In the case of home mortgages, the average amount is of 94.023 euros, 5.8% less than in April 2012 and 2.7% lower than in March 2013. The value of mortgages on urban properties exceeded 2.955 billion euros, 20.1% less than in April 2012. In homes, borrowed capital exceeds 1.646 billion, 22.8% less. By nature of the estate, mortgages on homes concentrated 51.5% of the total capital provided in April. In 2013, the monthly rate is 7.6% the only positive of this period. Regarding capital borrowed in home mortgages, the monthly rate of 2013 (4.7%) is also the only positive period. For entities, the average interest rate on mortgage loans of savings banks is 4.94% and the average term of nineteen. As for the banks, the average rate is 4.69% and the average term of twenty years. The 91.4% of the mortgages in April uses a variable rate, compared to 8.6% fixed rate. The Euribor is the most widely used reference in the constitution of adjustable-rate mortgages, specifically in 81% of new contracts. The average interest rate for mortgages on homes is 4.57%, 4.2% higher than in April 2012. The total number of mortgages with changes in their conditions recorded in the records of the property is 24,158, representing an annual decline of 7.5%. In housing, the number of mortgages with modified conditions decreases by 6.0%. Expansió

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