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The shale oil will not reduce oil prices

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The shale oil and gas will meet the demand without causing abrupt changes in oil prices, announced the president of the World Petroleum Council, Renato Bertani. According to Beraní, oil and gas for half a century will remain as the most important energy resources; however, the era of cheap oil has ended. In the next ten years mankind will consume the same amount of resources than in the previous 150 years. Bertani also believes that Russia, perhaps, plays the most important role in the global energy sector. The country is one of the main partners in the production of oil, gas, and proven reserves. Russia and China have drafted a petroleum contract, said Russian President Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister of the Council of State Chinese Zhang Gaoli in the Forum economic international in St. Petersburg. The unprecedented oil contract is worth over $ 60 billion Analysts are thinking that the U.S. oil boom is ending. United States oil companies are getting sick, so says an American journalist points out that oil growth potential are ending them in a few years and investors soon leave millionaires resources for the exploitation of this resource. While Washington increases production and exploitation rapidly, analysts see as unreal its purpose of feed hydrocarbons to 2020.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460"]© Collage: La Voz de Rusia © Collage: La Voz de Rusia[/caption] Source:
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