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One third of the world's wealth resides in tax havens

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Mar Cabra, journalist of Consortium of Investigative Journalists International,  visit the dish of The Objective to explain how taxed in tax havens and the procedure of these to hide information from its users. Mar Cabra explains that over the years the list of tax havens has been declining, a list that finds its own opacity: "The OECD list of tax havens was much larger but has been reduced to the islands of Nauru and Niue, is places that almost nobody knows. These havens do not have to be ready, the important thing is that they are places, usually paradisiacal and remote, offering low or zero taxes and opacity ". "The only official list of tax havens in Spain was published in 1991 in a royal decree, since then they have been removing names and none have been added're. Talking about a list of thirty-four havens" said Spanish journalist. "The consortium to which I belong we received a 250-gigabyte hard disk with 2.5 million files's. XXI century filtration containing information from more than one hundred thousand companies in over ten offshore jurisdictions. We have made multiple reports in different countries and besides we have put at the disposal of the people, in seeker, what are the companies and who is behind it? "Says Mar Cabra. The international consortium journalist covers a particular tax haven, the Cook Islands, "are just the opposite of Spain, there had to investigate one case of Spanish names. I called to the mercantile record wanting to know information and they ask you, do you know the name of the society? If it does not know it they do not give you information, in my case that yes knew it they said to me, the society exists or has existed. Almost mercantile record does not exist in many of these jurisdictions ". "Having a company in a tax haven is legal, what is illegal is not reporting. There is an estimate of an NGO that says that one-third of the global wealth lies in tax havens and half of world trade passes through tax havens," explains Cabra.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Millonaries Image AFP[/caption] Source:
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