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EU summit: nor a step forward until the elections in Germany

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A new Summit of the European Union is held in Brussels this Thursday and Friday. The agenda contains topics that pass from one summit to another EU since mid-last year: the creation of a banking union, new bank supervisory agencies, economic health and the fight against youth unemployment. In principle, the current summit would expect an improvement if not for two conditions: if the eurozone and the European Union not depend both Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel not depend on the parliamentary elections of September 22. The German chancellors were never complacent with the settlement of the problems of the EU on the eve of the parliamentary and Angela Merkel will not be an exception. She has every chance of being re-elected and governs the country four more years. The Chancellor already declared that his re-election not only depends on the future of Germany, but also throughout Europe. Indeed it is, especially if you consider that Berlin is the largest donor of all EU programs and of its coffers, says Russian analyst Alexei Kuznetsov: -In principle, these elections are pretty predictable. It is likely that he is not of the party of Angela Merkel will keep the positions of leadership, but if will get repeats the pattern of coalition on whose basis is now ruling or if you will need to articulate a broad new coalition. If you succeed, Merkel added twelve years at the head of the German Government for purposes of the new mandate. Only the Chancellor Helmut Kohl stayed more time in power. The Germans espouse a rigid financial discipline in the EU, especially for countries with increased political crisis in the eurozone: Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Italy. The "German order" involves rigorous banking supervision measures for all, a tough financial discipline, economic integration, reforms in the labor market, etc. Not all, much less, can withstand such "Teutonic order". But Germany does not intend to reduce its demands. So if at the next Summit they fail to take steps back, this can be considered a great success. The themes of the situation in the eurozone will not be the last in the German election campaign, believes the director of Germanic Studies Center of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladislav Belov: -Germany is one of the countries to a greater extent involved in the financing of the relevant mechanisms of the European Union, which guarantee the stability of the eurozone and the entire economic alliance in general. The opposition Social Democrats and Greens criticize the ruling coalition by the ambiguous approach of the solution of the problems of the EU and be advised shortly with the legislature. In any case, Merkel should take into account the views of the voters, who are unhappy with the concessions too big of Germany to the European Union. Otherwise you may lose votes. So the EU problems will remain unresolved again which generates a growing unrest among the inhabitants of the European Community. On the eve of the summit, the U.S. Rew Research Center released the results of an opinion poll in Europe. An increasing number of disappointed with the European Union, although at the moment no country say her decision to leave. Certainly there are more dissatisfied in the countries hardest hit by the crisis and those that are closer to it. The 78% of respondents in Greece, 77% in France, 75% in Italy and 60% in Spain noted that participation in the European Union weakened the economies of their respective countries. Even in Germany thinks so 43% of respondents.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="509"]EU Summit Image: EPA[/caption] Source:
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