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They discover large reserves of gas from shale in the United Kingdom and Nabucco gas project, fallen?

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They discover large reserves of gas from shale in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom may have more shale gas reserves than estimated, according to a report from the Geological Survey of the country. According to some geologists, it is not yet clear if all these reserves can be and will be economically viable to the development of deposits. So far, the U.S. is the only country where extracting shale gas is economically profitable. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460"]The Voice Of Russia © Collage: The Voice Of Russia[/caption]

Nabucco gas project: the curtain will have fallen? The Nabucco project has failed; headlines like this fill the pages of the European press, following the decision taken these days by an international consortium to exploit the Shah Deniz 2 gas field in Azerbaijan. As expected, this deposit should be the main source of supply for the Nabucco pipeline declared a priority by the European Union. The Nabucco project aims was to reduce the "dependency of gas" European of Russia. The Shah Deniz 2 consortium participants reported on the decision the Austrian gas company OMV, which is the promoter and main shareholder in the Nabucco project. He chose the alternative project "Transadriatic gas pipeline" (TAP). The company OMV said that he respects the decision. At the moment not commenting the fate that will run Nabucco, which was deprived of the main source of supply of hydrocarbons to Europe. But there are experts who believe that the Shah Deniz 2 operators in favor of the rival pipeline option definitely will bury the Nabucco gas pipeline, which the European Union sought to keep afloat. Regarding the TAP project that rivals Nabucco, according to Reuters, it is planned that the pipeline will pass through five hundred miles by northern Greece, Albania, the Adriatic Sea and arrive in Italy. The cost of the Transadriatic pipeline is estimated at 1.5 billion euros. Among the shareholders of TAP are the Swiss Axpo, Norway's Statoil and German consortium E.on. The resolution of the consortium will be announced officially on Friday 28. Moreover, according to some commentators, although the Nabucco project has collapsed, the "idea" persists. This repeated it in a radio interview the EU Energy Commissioner and representative of Germany, Günter Oettinger [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460"]Nabucco pipeline Image:[/caption] Source:
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