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China signs free trade agreement with Switzerland and will invest in the rich Sierra Leone

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China and Switzerland agree to free trade zone Representatives from China and Switzerland have signed today in Beijing a free trade agreement. After two years of negotiations, trade minister of the Republic of China, Gao Hucheng, and the director of the federal department of economy of Switzerland, Johann Schneider-Ammann, Saturday signed a free trade agreement between their countries. After the signing of this agreement, is expected to increase exports to China of Swiss watches, various equipment, medicine and precision equipment. The principal exports from China to Switzerland would telecommunications equipment and solar batteries. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="509"]China and Switzerland agree to free trade zone Image: EPA[/caption] China will invest in the diamond-rich Sierra Leone China will spend $ 8 billion in modernization projects different the African country, Sierra Leone. The Chinese will construct a power plant, an airport and a port. Sierra Leonean President Ernest Koroma, announced that it has signed a series of agreements with China on the development of the infrastructure of their nation. Sierra Leone is a small West African country with a population of about 6 million people. It has large reserves of diamonds, gold, bauxite, titanium ore and other minerals. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="486"]Diamonds Image:[/caption] Source:
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