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The earnings more millionaires of the world, to what companies belong?

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Multinational oil company Shell topped the list of the 500 companies with more gross income in the world according to the new 'ranking' of Fortune magazine. The more profitable, however, is another giant oil tanker the Exxon Mobil. Shell, the largest company in the world monetary flow over the last decade, according to the classification of the same edition, consolidated his leadership revenue 481,700 million. And that has more ambitious plans 'frozen' until at least 2014: so drilling in the Arctic, such as the construction of a new pipeline in Nigeria was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, remind experts of the magazine. Its net profit was lower than in the previous year (26,590 million, 14% less). The multinational Wal-Mart Stores fell to second place in the ranking after being for two consecutive years at number one. The chain was able to increase sales by 6% in fiscal year 2012, to 443,900 million. However, its net profit is modest on a global scale: 16,900 million. Exxon Mobil pulled of his work in 2012 the second annual net profit in US history. Just above the current 44.800 million of his own record in 2008 (45,220 million). Continuing the list of tankers Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum and BP. The two largest producer’s oil and gas Chinese showed significant growth of monetary flow (between 14 and 16%). At the same time, the British company recorded the greatest loss of the first ten of the list in the benefits compared to 2011 in 2012: decreased 54.9%. In addition to those already mentioned, integrate the 'top 10' of the most profitable companies, the World Chinese energy Distributor State Grid, the automakers consortia Toyota Motor (Japan) and Volkswagen (Germany) and the French oil company, Total. Samsung is the company's of high-tech sector better placed in this recent edition of 'Fortune'. The magazine highlighted its leadership in the segment of TVs and the first place that it obtained inside the market of mobile phones. Sold about 397 million units, equivalent to 25% of the world market. Apple was located behind the South Korean giant, but it was not so bad this year: managed to climb from 55th to 19th, while your revenues arrived 157,000 million dollars from 108,000 million in the previous year. In addition, it is the second world company for net profits after Exxon. The 'Fortune 500' list (or Fortuna 500', in Spanish) is a 'ranking', published annually by the magazine 'Fortune' which quotes the largest open capital companies, both private and public, according to their volume of revenue. Its first edition dates back to the year 1955. It is so well known as the most important stock index, the S&P 500, and lists the 'Forbes' magazine's best companies and the richest people by countries and at the global level.

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