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The internet boom, the boom of mobile devices and the reduction of the market of personal computers end up with the leadership of the Windows monopoly. "The advent of the Internet cut the projection of Microsoft when It was speculating with be the first company worldwide to be worth $ 1 trillion in stock market" says American analyst Henry Blodget in an article published on the website 'Business Insider'. However, the euphoria of the technology giant's executives disappeared in finding the loss of approximately half of capitalization from highs which recorded 13 years ago. Specifically, Windows decline was due to three factors: First of all, by the rupture of the hegemony of the personal computer (PC) that sold per year more than 200 million units by the year 2005. At this time appear in Smartphones and tablets that are beginning to overcome the PC market in volume. First of all, by the rupture of the hegemony of the personal computer (PC) through 2005 annually they were selling over 200 million units. At this time appear Smartphones and tablets that begin to exceed the volume of the PC market. The second reason has to do with the loss of leadership of the Windows platform. Three years ago its weight in the market accounted for 70% of the PC, but now the Google Android operative system is larger and the overall share of Windows borders 30%. The third aspect is more associated with the reduction of the personal computer market. Recent reports indicate that PCs are just considered office instruments. However, not everything is bad news for Microsoft. The company was able to engage a new licensing model based on which companies pay an annual fee per user. Fortunately for the Redmond, Blodget ends his analysis, saying that "Microsoft Office franchise retains its dominion status," in part because neither Google nor Apple, they have wanted to invest very much to compete him in this area.  


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