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Silent robbery to the world banking?: USA mulct to foreign entities

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Since 2009 U.S. actively fine banks, mainly European, accusing them of violating U.S. laws. Economists point out that it could be a planned strategy to control the entire world banking system. On Wednesday the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) it forced the British financial conglomerate Barclays Plc to pay $ 453 million in fines for trying to manipulate the electricity market in the U.S. This is only one example in the list of entities fined by U.S. which include such giants as the Swiss bank Wegelin, or the British HSBC and Standard Chartered. This is a new trend in banking that has been observed clearly from the end of the last decade, says Dr. Valentin Katasonov in Economics in an article devoted to the role of U.S. in the global banking system. The most common explanation to the question of the effects of "banking racket" of US. It is looking for new sources of revenue for the budget. However, this version is not very convincing, notes the Economist. Towards a financial order dictated by Washington Although the fines they reach 10,000 million dollars a year, will be but a drop in the sea (tax revenues in the U.S. federal budget in 2012 amounted to about 2.5 mil millones dollars). Another version states that Washington supports that way to their banks in competition with European banks. For Valentine Katasonov, to which the U.S. aims, ultimately, is the gradual control "of all foreign banks". "In fact, you can see at a glance that U.S. authorities are pursuing a policy of double standards more seriously punishing to the European banks for the same violations [compared with the Americans]," he argues. The economist says that Washington's current campaign for tougher sanctions against European banks is a "covert struggle" between the families of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. As a result of it, there is a gradual transfer of operations of European banks to other regions of the world, where still does not get the long arm of Washington as Israel, India, Singapore, Hong Kong. "However, you can safely say that the next target of the U.S. government will be banks and banking in these countries. The world is moving inexorably towards a new financial order," concludes Katasonov. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"]RT RT[/caption]   Desde
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