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How can you make a virtual fortune based bitcoines?

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A British explains in his blog how bitcoines buying and other virtual currency worth just under $ 150, went on to create a company to exchange these currencies valued at $ 384,000. Britain's, Kate Craig-Wood describes in his blog how about a year ago bought 30 bitcoines worth about $ 4.60 each one. Nine months later, saw the price of their virtual coins rose dramatically, from its initial value (just under $ 150) to more than $ 3,000. Given this fact, Craig-Wood began an Internet search on existing virtual currency, finding coins as litecoines, 'brothers' of the bitcoines. With both began trading in the currency markets, doubling its revenues quickly. As wary of whether that value be real or not, turned bitcoines all accumulated funds were transferred to your account in pounds and retired, getting all the money you initially worth. So, buying and selling virtual currency, Craig decided to start their own "virtual company planned" for the exchange of shares in bitcoines  and litecoines. The company is called CipherMine and is based on the construction of programs 'miners' using graphics cards to accelerate the process of 'mining of bitcoines'. The process of generating Bitcoines is known as 'mine', a term that refers to the mining of precious metals. Bitcoines mining is the process which generates the 'blocks' (or transactions that have taken place in bitcoines) of a 'chain' (public list of these transactions) whose purpose is to verify the legitimacy of the last conducted such operations. Adding a new block to the chain is a difficult process that requires a lot of computing power, and this work is devoted primarily Craig virtual enterprise. The actions in bitcoines and litecoines of CipherMine went public a few days ago and sold out within hours. CipherMine market capitalization currently stands at about 150,000 litecoines or what is the same, at about $ 384,000. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"]Bitcoins AFP / GEORGE FREY / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA[/caption]   From
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