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The fraud cost almost 400 million euros to the EU budget in 2012

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According to the report of the European Commission, in 2012 the fraud affecting the EU budget increased by 7% compared with the previous year. In total, there were more than 1,200 cases suspected or confirmed. Thereby, the Fund's expense is defrauded 315 million euros, and the revenues collected, other 77.6 million. The alarming trend did community politicians to take new measures against financial scams. "The Commission takes the fight against fraud in the EU to a new level. The plans that we discuss can be a hard blow for scammers all over Europe", said Algirdas Šemeta, European Commissioner for taxation, Customs Union, audit and anti-fraud. "Every penny that is protected from fraudsters is a penny that can be devoted to the good of society," added the official. A major strategic step in this battle against fraudsters will be the creation of the European Public Prosecutor, with specific responsibility for investigating, prosecuting and bringing to justice offenses affecting the Community budget. "The criminals who exploit loopholes to plunder taxpayers' money should not go unpunished by the fact that we do not have the right tools to bring them to justice," said the European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, on a conference. It is assumed that the new anti-fraud institution could assume its functions on 1 January 2015. The new European Prosecution will be an independent institution that will serve as a link between the criminal systems of the States members of the EU--whose powers are limited to national borders - and the EU agencies, which cannot conduct criminal investigations. "The whole structure is based on existing resources and, therefore, should not entail major additional costs." EU says in a statement [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"]Se rompe un euro Corbis/RT[/caption]   From
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