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Bank of Cyprus concludes recapitalization and recovers autonomy and the sale of tablets begins to weaken

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Bank of Cyprus concludes recapitalization and recovers autonomy The Bank of Cyprus completed the process of recapitalization making 47.5% of deposits uninsured shares today. Thus, the largest lender of the country's economy fulfilled the conditions required him to leave the external control for which it was submitted. This was reported in the joint statement of the Central Bank of Cyprus and the country's finance ministry. The statement highlights that the Central Bank, then must notify the Bank of Cyprus that it is not under external control and the obligations to carry out its business will fall upon the provisional interim Board of Directors, which will take the reins of the Bank until then not there is the annual meeting of shareholders of the bank. It is hoped that this meeting be held before the end of September. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="740"]Bank Cyprus © Foto: Peter Nicou para La Voz de Rusia[/caption]

The sale of tablets begins to weaken The strength of the Tablet seems to decline, or at least took a breather in the second quarter of the year. In that period were sold worldwide 29.32 million tablets, a 8.2% less compared to the previous quarter although 46.6% more than in the same quarter of 2012, according to the latest data from Digitimes Research. The reduction has affected both iPad tablets, leading the market, and competition. In the case of tablets from Apple, with 14.6 million units sold, according to its own data provided last week, have dropped by 25.1% over the period January-March and 2.7% for 2013, when still had not released the model iPad Mini. In the same quarter, other brands sold 14.72 million units, i.e. more than Apple. Android tablets are already most, three years after the birth of the product. Thanks especially to Google Nexus 7 and new releases from Samsung have grown by 18.5%. Apple and the Korean brand are the leaders of this market, followed by Asus, Lenovo and Acer, two Taiwanese and a mainland china brand. The Chinese market is leaning, one more time, the accounts to one side or the other. In this case the local Lenovo takes performance of its expansion in his country, as if in the first quarter it had 8% of the market, the second has exceeded 10%, and is still expected to increase much more in the second half of the year thanks to its new models of eight to ten inches. For the whole year, Lenovo hopes to sell ten million tablets. The figures suggest that, in any case, it is that growth rates close to 100% of past years will not be repeated in this and less on the following, as consumer has taken this appliance faster than any previous, even much larger that with the smartphone, so also will arrive before your top. The Country [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="575"]Tablets Image:[/caption] From
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