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Europe and China avoid a trade war

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The EU repealed import tariffs for solar batteries from China from August 6. The corresponding decision had been adopted on the eve by the European Commission after an anti-dumping investigation carried out and negotiations with the Chinese Government. We must remember that the greatest conflict in the history of trade between China and the EU arose in early June. Then Europe, wishing to defend the interests of its own producers, introduced tariffs for Chinese solar batteries. This provoked discomfort in China, to which demanded equal respect for all participants in the WTO. After six weeks of negotiations the European Commission ended its anti-dumping investigation and repealed the introduction of tariffs. If not would have reached a compromise, since Tuesday tariffs for the import of Chinese batteries it had grown almost four times and reached nearly 50%. In response Beijing was willing to introduce customs taxes at the entrance of European raw materials for the production of solar batteries. Similarly, China organized European wine controls which beat the producing Vintners from the EU. After this, the EU decided to reach a compromise and agree with your business partner. The head of the Department from countries and regions of the Institute of Europe of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Belov, says: -China is a key trading partners of the EU. As seen, European officials who are responsible for foreign trade policy of the EU, considered rational avoid conflict in question, because this could only lead to a worsening of relations. The trade dispute had been able to become a real trade war. Sie werden verwaltet, um die Diskussion zu beenden, nur einmal chinesischen Hersteller eine Reihe von Bedingungen der Europäer akzeptiert. Beispielsweise legen Sie einem Mindestpreis von 56 Euro Cent per Watt, führen Sie jährliche Solarmodule mit einer Gesamtleistung von bis zu sieben GWatt ein und akzeptieren Sie die Einführung von Quoten. Beseitigen Sie die Bedrohung durch eine Dumpingchinese, mit Hilfe von Einschränkungen, die Europäer, auf der einen Seite streben; auf der anderen Seite gewährleisten Sie eine stabile Versorgung mit Sonnenkollektoren auf dem europäischen Markt. China controls 80% of the European market for solar batteries, export to EU countries in 2011 established twenty-one billion euros. In the past two years the production of solar panels in China increased four times. The battery production in this country is subsidized by the government and the labor is cheaper. Thanks to this, the prices of Chinese solar panels are twice lower than their European analogues. The EU spends a lot of money in promoting alternative energy sources, and the delay in their competitiveness leads to zero every effort to reduce dependence on imports, shows us the director of the National Energy Sergey Pravosúdov: − This conflict is based on the energy policy of the EU. The EU imported many energy carriers and has been thinking about how reducing this dependence. In terms of the cost of energy, alternative sources are much more expensive than traditional ones, therefore it became necessary to subsidize them all the time. For example, the subsidy for renewable energy in Germany is of the order of the twenty-four billion euros a year, while it spends around ten billion euros on the purchase of gas. Both China and the EU countries belong to the World Trade Organization, which was created with the aim of ensuring equal conditions to all participants. However, such wishes to defend its own market with barriers of taxes or fees violates free trade rules, it considers the Chinese part. It has already filed complaints against Italy and Greece, accusing them of unfair competition in the market of solar batteries. Assure the experts that no will for a long time maintained artificially high prices, beneficial for European producers. They do not exclude the possibility of new trade disputes. The truth is that while the EU now is patching holes in its economy, China continues to increase the rate of growth of their industry. And sooner or later we will have to take into account their interests. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460"]Collage: La Voz de Rusia Collage: La Voz de Rusia[/caption] From
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