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'Vacuum cleaner china': Beijing leaves behind Washington in Africa

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The former President of the United States Bill Clinton has acknowledged that his country is behind China in terms of investment in Africa. Why is this region so important for both countries? The former president stressed that U.S.. It is not devoting sufficient funding for infrastructure development and stressed that health is the only one in which Washington beats Beijing on the continent. In an interview with the BBC, Clinton said that in the future, both countries could coordinate policies and investments for the benefit of African countries and fail to see its presence on the continent as an unproductive competition. "China has a Ministry of affairs of Africa. Their investments in the continent are enormous," clarified the Africa expert and professor at the Russian State Humanitarian University, Sergey Serióguichev. According to the expert, "the Chinese opt for short-term projects. If they create some infrastructure in the region, they do so only under pressure from local governments. They prefer barter trading, for example, changing natural resources by weapons. "And rarely pay with dollars, usually Governments collaborating with China agree to Exchange diamonds for weapons, it is a usual business for China". "The Chinese made a big expansion into Africa, interested in everything, starting with oil and gas and ending with the rare earth metals. "The Chinese have an important advantage: they learn from the mistakes of the big powers and fully understand that its economy can reach a crisis due to lack of rare-earth metals, because of it they do everything possible not to allow it", says Serioguichev, according to which "the Chinese, acting as an army of vacuum cleaners, they collect of the African continent the maximum”. U.S. maintains a tough competition with China in the area. However, there are factors that hinder Washington to act in Africa with the same efficiency that Beijing, which Serioguichev include a lack of enthusiasm on the part of some U.S. companies to the Mainland, his disobedience to the wishes of the White House, the difference of interests between U.S., France and the United Kingdom, and the impossibility of Washington collaborate openly with any regime that he checks off of dictatorship. Due to all these factors "Americans are forced to act in secret".   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"]Mundi Corbis / Wikipedia / RT[/caption] From
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