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The independence of the bitcoin could lead to their extinction

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A currency without control of central banks or Governments. Two features that have generated enthusiasm for the bitcoin, but which may also be responsible for its collapse. For many experts, the cycles in the economy are as inevitable as the seasons of the year. Fluctuations that affect the different currencies, and the bitcoin can deal with a very complex situation soon. "The bitcoin not supported him nothing, so it could burst like a bubble", he said in an interview to RT Margaret Bogenrief, firm ACM Partners. For the expert, if this situation occurs, the Bitcoin would not cease to exist.. But the issue is that nature itself independent of States and economic agencies pannacionales makes virtual currency vulnerable: "the problem with the bitcoin is that unlike the dollar or gold, the bitcoin has no endorsement. The only support is the confidence of those who make transactions using this currency." Not everyone thinks the same. In fact the recently asylee Edward Snowden announced that it will receive donations in bitcoines. Anyway, and despite the increase in the level of transactions, Bogenrief believes that the bitcoin is "like a bird without wings", and which will never threaten the dominance of the dollar. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"]Bitcoin Corbis / RT[/caption] From
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