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Peru stretches the hand to Spain

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The advertisement on the request that will do Spain before the European Commission and other States of the Schengen area to withdraw Peru and Colombia from the black list of countries whose citizens require a visa to enter in the area for a short period, obviously has a connotation of economic The notice, made a few days ago via telephone by the President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, to the Presidents of Peru and Colombia, Ollanta Humala and Juan Manuel Santos, surprised his colleagues because Spain had not been opposed to the fact that the above-mentioned Latin American countries to continue appearing in the list of one hundred and thirty-two countries that the European Union (EU) began requiring visas from April 1, 2001. In regards to the Peru, this country's President reacted cautiously and very diplomatic way after ensuring that the aforementioned announcement shows the importance of his country around the world and reaffirms that the Andean nation is well seen in the international arena. Nothing more, as Humala fully understands that the process of negotiations, aimed at the Suppression of visas for Peruvian citizens wishing to reach the Schengen area countries as tourists, will be quite dilated. It is very likely that not all members of the bloc will support the proposal of Spain due to economic, social and moral problems among others who have, as well as the Iberian country, as to make more complicated them migration uncontrolled non-qualified, however hard that sounds, which would threaten citizen safety, your lifestyle, your civility Enough are in their territories already they have that and now trying to impose one's own. France is a concrete example of this. But Spain is willing to take the risk because, is aware that the bulk of tourists from Peru and Colombia would come to visit it more than elsewhere in Europe, since language, above all, is something that much closer to their peoples. His tourist activity, now favored by the instability in Egypt and, to a lesser extent in Turkey, would give concrete results as opposed to the proposal that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) made him: reduction in salaries of up to 10%, to create jobs. Notification to the Government of Mariano Rajoy sent to the Peruvian side is a very important political gesture because it even to the Peru to give greater consideration to the delicate situation in which Spain is located. It is worth as an example the renewal by the Peruvian Government, three Peru Telefonica mobile telephony contracts, whose commercial name is Movistar, subsidiary of Telefonica S.A., a Spanish company telecommunications services operator. But to renew the concession contracts of service for a period of eighteen years ten months after taking into consideration the recommendation made last year by the Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Telecomunicaciones (Osiptel) Movistar: the 800 and 1900 bands (MHz) for Lima and Callao, and the 800 MHz band for provinces, the Spanish company had to accept the conditions imposed by the Government of Ollanta Humala, requiring an investment of 1184 million dollars (3020 million soles). As part of the social inclusion policy of the Peruvian government, Telefónica will have to reduce from 0.50 to 0.25 soles per minute cost of calls to mobile phones in the first forty minutes in rural Andean country. In this way, it seeks to benefit people of social programs Together, Cradle More and Pension 65, as well as teachers, police and Armed Forces personnel who are in the most remote parts of Peru fulfilling work. In regard to Repsol, which could arise some problems in the Peru, is a way to buy time so that the Spanish company sells its assets. It is worth as an example the sales announced at the end of February of liquefied natural gas (LNG) assets in Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Biscay (Spain) Transnational shell 6653 million dollars, with debt included, in a deal that did not include the Canaport plant, located in Canada. In summary the total of the sale transaction amounting to 6653 million dollars consists of 4400 millions of dollars that disburse Shell to the Spanish group; and 2253 million dollars which is the amount of debt and financial commitments of Repsol, Shell will assume as part of the deal he reached between both parties. How strange! Repsol? Did not invest enough in the Andean country's energy sector for the entire time that operated in this? Perhaps we are facing a case similar to the one that occurred in Argentina? Anyway, we must emphasize that in Peru there is now willing to negotiate with any foreign company that falls within the mutual respect, social inclusion policy promoted by the current government of the Andean nation, that provide  technology and according to his conditions. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="460"]Perú Foto:[/caption] Desde
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