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Attack Syria or rescue of the dollar?

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Unleashing an attack on Syria, a scenario that seems to have been temporarily 'parked', USA seek to postpone the fall of the monopoly of the dollar as world reserve currency, a well founded fear due to many factors. "The U.S. power is composed of two elements: the dollar as world reserve currency and army, for those who do not understand who rules the world," writes journalist Yuri Skidanov in an article in the Russian newspaper 'Pravda '. According Skidanov, "As the dollar loses its position, the army comes into play, making demonstrative and profitable assault on the principle of 'oil for Democracy'" According to the journalist, there are many examples of this approach, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the United States began to wage wars and conflicts almost every year. "Syria is a good example. Obama spoke of an attack right after it was unveiled that the official debt is 17 trillion dollars, which, according to calculations of scientists Californians, is actually significantly higher." In an article published on the website, Belarusian political analyst Nikolai Malishevski recalls, "and in the first half of 2013 not only Iran and Australia, but also five of the top ten economies in the world, including China, Japan, India and Russia, stopped using the dollar in foreign trade transactions. " The analyst surmises that Russia and China, which occupy the number one position in the world in exports and imports of oil , respectively, may at any time announce its decision to stop selling and buying oil in dollars. "That's where the greatest danger to the United States. Therefore the desire to start a war against Syria is seen as an attempt to delay the collapse of the dollar," says Malishevski, remembering that it is no coincidence that the worsening situation in Syria has agreed to adjourn the debate on the threat of a U.S. default, February to this fall. "It is not the democracy what worries to USA, but the question of the ceiling of the debt", concludes.   From
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