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Obama: "If U.S. in breach of the payment of debt, the whole world will have problems"

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The US President, Barack Obama, has said that if U.S. in breach of payment of its debt, the world "will have problems". During a speech to Congress, the U.S. President said that the only reason why the Government is now 'paralyzed' is the "obsession" of Republicans with dismantling the reform of health, according to the Reuters Agency. He added that while most lasts the 'closure' of the federal Government, worst consequences will be. "Pass a budget. Put an end to the closure of the Government. To pay our bills. Prevent an economic closure", urged the US President. On Tuesday the U.S. central executive initiated the suspension of its activities after failed negotiations in Congress to approve the budget for the new fiscal year. The Government was forced to dismiss some 800,000 civil servants. According to official estimates, the closure of several departments will not represent any kind of savings, but that it will cost the federal budget more than $ 1 billion.

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