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What do I need to trade Forex?

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Let's start with the basic requirements for forex trading from home, something until recently available to few. Everything you need to start learning and, in a future, trade forex are 2 things to everyone:
  • a PC
  • Internet connection
That's it! An experienced trader can obtain significant gains not only every month, but every day; however, if you do not learn and train, significant gains will become almost certainly significant losses. Do not worry, train and learn in forex alone will cost in principle your time. Virtually all brokers allow you to open demo accounts you do not spend a penny and hold virtual money to spend on your training with market data in real time. The overwhelming success of this business to join every day more and more people resides in all the advantages over traditional business:
  • Without bosses
  • without customers
  • Without strict schedules
  • Can you work from home, your vacation spot and practically anywhere, not using a laptop PC, there are even brokers who offer trading platform for Pocket PC and mobile phones.
Do I follow? The list of advantages is innumerable, in another chapter we will focus on the advantages of the Forex market compared with other financial markets. Get ready to start training, sit on your desktop (or in the most comfortable chair in your house), connects the trading platform and go to the next lesson! [gallery ids="1464,"] FREE FOREX COURSE INTRODUCTION TO FOREX Next lesson: 3. Where does the benefit? The pip and lot Source:
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