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Exploring Business

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Author: Karen Collins Categoy: Divers Pages: 150 Language: English   Table of Contents About the Author Acknowledgments Dedication Preface Chapter 1: The Foundations of Business ◦Introduction ◦Getting Down to Business ◦What Is Economics? ◦Perfect Competition and Supply and Demand ◦Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly ◦Measuring the Health of the Economy ◦Government’s Role in Managing the Economy ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility ◦Misgoverning Corporations: An Overview ◦The Individual Approach to Ethics ◦Identifying Ethical Issues ◦The Organizational Approach to Ethics ◦Corporate Social Responsibility ◦Environmentalism ◦Stages of Corporate Responsibility ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 3: Business in a Global Environment ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Globalization of Business ◦Opportunities in International Business ◦The Global Business Environment ◦Trade Controls ◦Reducing International Trade Barriers ◦Preparing for a Career in International Business ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 4: Selecting a Form of Business Ownership ◦Factors to Consider ◦Sole Proprietorship ◦Partnership ◦Corporation ◦Other Types of Business Ownership ◦Mergers and Acquisitions ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 5: The Challenges of Starting a Business ◦Chapter Introduction ◦What Is an Entrepreneur? ◦The Place of Small Business in the Business Landscape ◦What Industries Are Small Businesses In? ◦Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Ownership ◦Starting a Business ◦The Business Plan ◦How to Succeed in Managing a Business ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 6: Managing for Business Success ◦Chapter Introduction ◦What Do Managers Do? ◦Planning ◦Organizing ◦Directing ◦Controlling ◦Managerial Skills ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 7: Recruiting, Motivating, and Keeping Quality Employees ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Human Resource Management ◦Developing Employees ◦Motivating Employees ◦What Makes a Great Place to Work? ◦Performance Appraisal ◦Labor Unions ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 8: Teamwork and Communications ◦The Team and the Organization ◦Why Teamwork Works ◦The Team and Its Members ◦The Business of Communication ◦Communication Channels ◦Forms of Communication ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 9: Marketing: Providing Value to Customers ◦What Is Marketing? ◦The Marketing Mix ◦Pricing a Product ◦Placing a Product ◦Promoting a Product ◦The Product Life Cycle ◦The Marketing Environment ◦Careers in Marketing ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 10: Product Design and Development ◦Chapter Introduction ◦What Is a Product? ◦Where Do Product Ideas Come From? ◦Identifying Business Opportunities ◦Understand Your Industry ◦Forecasting Demand ◦Breakeven Analysis ◦Product Development ◦Protecting Your Idea ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 11: Operations Management in Manufacturing and Service Industries ◦Operations Management in Manufacturing ◦Facility Layouts ◦Managing the Production Process in a Manufacturing Company ◦Graphical Tools: PERT and Gantt Charts ◦The Technology of Goods Production ◦Operations Management for Service Providers ◦Producing for Quality ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 12: The Role of Accounting in Business ◦The Role of Accounting ◦Understanding Financial Statements ◦Accrual Accounting ◦Financial Statement Analysis ◦Challenges Facing the Accounting Profession ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 13: Managing Financial Resources ◦The Functions of Money ◦Financial Institutions ◦The Federal Reserve System ◦The Role of the Financial Manager ◦Understanding Securities Markets ◦Financing the Going Concern ◦Careers in Finance ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 14: Personal Finances ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Financial Planning ◦Time Is Money ◦The Financial Planning Process ◦A House Is Not a Piggy Bank: A Few Lessons from the Subprime Crisis ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 15: Managing Information and Technology ◦Data versus Information ◦Managing Data ◦Types of Information Systems ◦Computer Networks ◦Data Communications Networks ◦Security Issues in Electronic Communication ◦Careers in Information Management ◦Cases and Problems Chapter 16: The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business ◦Law and the Legal System ◦Criminal versus Civil Law ◦Negligence Torts ◦Product Liability ◦Some Principles of Public Law ◦Cases and Problems  

To download the book Exploring Business, follow this link This book is distributed under the Creative Commons  

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