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Introduction to Economic Analysis

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Author: R. Preston McAfee Categoy: Divers Pages: 110 Language: English   Download the book Introduction to Economic Analysis   Table of Contents About the Authors Chapter 1: What Is Economics? ◦Normative and Positive Theories ◦Opportunity Cost ◦Economic Reasoning and Analysis Chapter 2: Supply and Demand ◦Demand and Consumer Surplus ◦Supply and Profit ◦Market Demand and Supply ◦Equilibrium ◦Changes in Demand and Supply Chapter 3: Quantification ◦Elasticity ◦Supply and Demand Changes Chapter 4: The U.S. Economy ◦Basic Demographics ◦Education ◦Households and Consumption ◦Production ◦Government ◦Trade ◦Fluctuations Chapter 5: Government Interventions ◦Effects of Taxes ◦Incidence of Taxes ◦Excess Burden of Taxation ◦Price Floors and Ceilings ◦The Politics of Price Controls ◦Price Supports ◦Quantity Restrictions and Quotas Chapter 6: Trade ◦Production Possibilities Frontier ◦Comparative and Absolute Advantage ◦Factors of Production ◦International Trade Chapter 7: Externalities ◦External Effects ◦Pigouvian Taxes ◦Quotas ◦Tradable Permits and Auctions ◦Coasian Bargaining ◦Fishing and Extinction Chapter 8: Public Goods ◦Free Riders ◦Provision With Taxation ◦Local Public Goods Chapter 9: Producer Theory: Costs ◦Types of Firms ◦Production Functions ◦Profit Maximization ◦The Shadow Value ◦Input Demand ◦Myriad Costs Chapter 10: Producer Theory: Dynamics ◦Reactions of Competitive Firms ◦Economies of Scale and Scope ◦Dynamics With Constant Costs ◦General Long-run Dynamics Chapter 11: Investment ◦Present Value ◦Investment ◦Investment Under Uncertainty ◦Resource Extraction ◦A Time to Harvest ◦Collectibles ◦Summer Wheat Chapter 12: Consumer Theory ◦Utility Maximization ◦Budget or Feasible Set ◦Isoquants ◦Examples ◦Substitution Effects ◦Income Effects ◦Mathematical Cleanup Chapter 13: Applied Consumer Theory ◦Labor Supply ◦Urban Real Estate Prices ◦Dynamic Choice ◦Risk Aversion ◦Search Chapter 14: General Equilibrium ◦Edgeworth Box ◦Equilibrium With Price System ◦General Equilibrium Chapter 15: Monopoly ◦Sources of Monopoly ◦Basic Analysis ◦Effect of Taxes ◦Price Discrimination ◦Welfare Effects ◦Natural Monopoly ◦Peak-load Pricing Chapter 16: Games and Strategic Behavior ◦Matrix Games ◦Nash Equilibrium ◦Mixed Strategies ◦Examples ◦Subgame Perfection ◦Supergames Chapter 17: Imperfect Competition ◦Cournot Oligopoly ◦Cournot Industry Performance ◦Hotelling Differentiation ◦The Circle Model Chapter 18: Information ◦Market for Lemons ◦Myerson-Satterthwaite Theorem ◦Signaling ◦Search and Price Dispersion Chapter 19: Agency Theory ◦Principals and Agents ◦Cost of Providing Incentives ◦Multi-tasking ◦Multi-tasking without Homogeneity Chapter 20: Auctions ◦English Auction ◦Sealed-bid Auction ◦Dutch Auction ◦Vickrey Auction ◦The Winner’s Curse and Linkage ◦Auction Design Chapter 21: Antitrust ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Clayton Act ◦Price Fixing ◦Mergers  

To download the book Introduction to Economic Analysis, follow this link This book is distributed under the Creative Commons  

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