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Author: Jake Bernstein’s Categoy: Beginners Pages: 18 Language: English

Table of Contents

Introductory Comments Evolution of the Futures Markets What is Hedging? Suppose You are a Grain Farmer What are Your Options? You Could Win or Lose The Three Categories of Players in the Futures Games and their Roles Producers EndUsers Speculators Why Traders Trade Additional Uses of the Futures Markets Dealing with Basic Issues First How Will You Achieve Your Goal? The Vehicle The Fuel Don’t Borrow Your Starting Capital Reach Your Goal in Stages Other Important Issues Trade Alone or With a Partner? Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth Who’s Responsible? Sharing the Profits Do You Want to Share Your Research? Slower Decision Time Trade for the Short Term, Long Term or Immediate Term? Factors You Should Consider in Making this Decision Trading System Time Availabiltiy Commissions Personality Health Data Fundamental or Technical How Much Risk do You Want to Take on Each Trade? Lesson #1 Quiz

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