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T Technical Analysis

Chart Patterns and Technical Indicator

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Categoy: Technical Analysis Pages: 42 Language: English Flags and Pennants Bull Flag Patterns (Continuation Pattern) Bullish Pennant (Continuation Pattern) Bear Flag (Continuation Pattern) Ascending Triangle (Continuation Pattern) Descending Triangle (Continuation Pattern) Symmetrical Triangle (Continuation Pattern) Rectangle Continuation Rising Wedge (Continuation Pattern) Cup and Handle (Continuation Pattern) Double Bottom (Reversal Pattern) Double Top (Reversal Pattern) Falling Wedge (Bullish Reversal Pattern) Head & Shoulders Bottom (Reversal Pattern) Head & Shoulders Top (Reversal Pattern) Rounding Bottom Reversal Rounding Top Bearish Reversal Triple Bottom Reversal Triple Top Reversal Pattern Rising Wedge Reversal One Day Reversal Diamond Top Reversal Broadening Top Bearish Reversal DMI (Directional Movement Indicator) MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) Stochastic Momentum Index (Slow) RSI (Relative Strength Index)  

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