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The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators

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Categoy: Technical Analysis Pages: 49 Language: English Advance-Decline Indicators Advance-Decline Line Advance-Decline Ratio Upside-Downside Volume Ratio Upside-Downside Volume Line Upside-Downside Volume Net Difference Advance-Decline Net Difference Global Futures Advance-Decline Index Global Futures Upside-Downside Volume Index Market Indicators High-Low Differential Index High-Low Ratio Global Futures High-Low Index Global Futures Bottom Indicator Cycles Large Block Index Short Term Trading Index (ARMS Index or TRIN) Trend Indicator CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) Index Options Put/Call Ratio Call/Put Ratio Global Futures Put/Volume Ratio Smart Money Flow Index Global Futures Timing Indicator Global Futures Market Timer Index Global Futures Fear Indicator Wall Street Courier Index Global Futures Trading Index Global Futures Speculation Index Program Trading Calendar Spread Odd-Lot Differential Index Short Sales Statistics The NYSE Short Interest Ratio Odd-Lot Short Sales Ratio Floor Traders Short Sales Ratio Specialist Short Sales Ratio NYSE Member Short Sales Ratio Public Short Sales Ratio Odd-Lot Balance Index Odd-Lot/Floor Trader Short Sales Ratio Global Futures Odd-Lot/Specialist Short Sales Ratio Global Futures Public/Member Short Sales Ratio Public/Specialists Short Sales Ratio High readings indicate heavy shorting by the public (the so called crowd) and therefore bottoms, low readings indicate tops Global Futures NYSE Member Trading Indicator Sentiment Indicators Investor Sentiment Commitments of Traders Report Appendix Dow Jones Industrial S&P Risk Statement

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