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T Technical Analysis

Forex Trading Course

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Categoy: Technical Analysis Pages: 74 Language: English   Table of Contents History Market Mechanics More On Market Mechanics Leverage Rollovers Accounts Statements The Main Players Central Banks And Governments Banks Hedge Funds Corporate Businesses The Man In The Street Speculators And Investors What Next Fundamental Analysis Fundamentals Every Trader Should Know Interest Rates International Trade Psychology of Trading Trade with a DISCIPLINED Plan: Cut your losses early and Let your Profits Run: Do not marry your trades: Do not bet the farm: Forex Basics Currency 1 Pip Contract Size Exchange Rate Types of Orders Risk Management Trading Strategy DRAWING TRENDLINES TREND ANALYSIS AND TIMING Introduction Using Technical Analysis in a Strategy Order Ticket Brokerage An established forex firm you can trust Peace of mind knowing you will never be liable for a debit balance Tight spreads, instantaneous execution and guaranteed fills on market orders, stops and limit orders A fast, stable, easy-to-use, online trading station Live customer support 24 hours per day  

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