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Determine Trendusing Trenline

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Categoy: Technical Analysis Pages: 7 Language: English Download the book Determine Trendusing Trenline The trend the trend oh where art thow trend? You know when I first got into trading his was the question that plagued me most. What direction is the trend really in???? I mean let’s face it; we pull up a weekly chart to see that we have a nice strong bullish trend. Then we look and the daily and we see a god representation of that bullish trend but with clear areas of pullbacks and continuations. Then we drop to a 4 hour chart and the confusion starts to set in because we see a bearish trend and we are missing out on great profit opportunities during this period. But wait the trend is supposed to be bullish so what the heck am I supposed to follow; the weekly daily or 4 hour trend direction? And how to we know that the trend has reversed and we should be looking for trades in the opposite direction.  

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