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A Practical Guide to Swing Trading

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Categoy: Trading Strategies Pages: Language: English   Table of Contents Introduction About the book Who should read this book How to get started swing trading What will this book teach you Prefaces Meet Larry Contact An Introduction to Swing Trading What is Swing Trading Let’s Look at an Up Trends Let’s Look at a Down Trend The Steps in Swing Trading What Can You Expect? How Do You Identify Stocks that are Appropriate for Swing Trading? What Tools are Available? Pattern Recognition Criteria Technical Analysis Measures used to Recognize Swing Trading Patterns The Master Plan – Entry and exit rules that insure successful swing trading WHAT is the Master Plan Taking a Profit and Preserving Capital Profit is taken using a “sell limit” order – once the price is reached, the specified number of shares are sold Capital is protected using a “stop loss” order – when the stop price is reached, all the shares are sold When to Enter the Trade How to Enter the Trade What to do After the Trade is Executed What to do the Day After the Trade is Executed What happens if the Trade is Not Executed Once half the shares close at a % profit, the other half remains open to “ride the wave” When do we close the second half of the trade? The Short Swing – how we make money when we think the price of the stock is going down Preferred Brokers Interactive BrokersError! Bookmark not defined optionsXpressError! Bookmark not defined The Essentials of Technical Analysis Intro Why does Technical Analysis work? The Basics Japanese Candle sticks Volume Equivolume Moving Averages Force Index Directional Moving Index Up/Down/In/Out SwingTracker Features FREE SwingLab Starting with SwingLab Starting to swing Cut and Paste Case Studies Appendix A–Short Selling What does it mean to sell short? Where Does The Broker Get The Stock? How Do I Sell Short? Up Tick Rule Why Sell Short? Appendix B– Ressources  

To download the book A Practical Guide to Swing Trading, follow this link   

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