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Categoy: Trading Strategies Pages: 24 Language: English   Table of Contents 1.5 exponential Moving average, close (Blue Colour) 2.10 exponential Moving average, open (Red colour) 3.80 simple moving average set to close, (Blue colour) 4.Parabolic Sar set to default 5.ADX Indicator set to default (yellow colour, to activate the ADX indicator, you will not see ADX but you will see Average Directional Movement Index in your indicators list, click on it to activate as that is the ADX indicator) +D1 (make it blue colour) it's your buy entry signal and confirmation to enter the market -D1 (make it red in colour) opposite of +D1, that is the sell entry confirmation. 6.Four Horizontal trendlines with parameters set to 10, 20, 25 and 40   To download the book FX Destroyer, follow this link

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