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Definition or financial glossary - Letter A

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-          Average directional movement index – ADX: Follow -          Arms Index: ARMS INDEX is an indicator the market that shows the relationship between the number of shares that increase or decrease its price (advancing/declining issues) and the volume associated with the shares that increase or decrease in price (advancing/declining volume). The ARMS Index was developed by Richard Arms Jr. in 1967. Over the years, the index has been known by various names. When Barron's published the first article on the indicator in 1967, was known com the ShortTerm Trading Index. It has also been called TRIN, short for Trading Index, MKDS and STKS. -          Aroon Indicator: With this indicator is intended to somehow "predict" changes in price trend either upward, downward or if these are going to enter a period of consolidation. This indicator contains two data lines calls Aroon Up and Aroon Dw, moving in the range of zero to one hundred, along with two reference bands. The Functioning of the indicator is as follows: In the case of the Aroon Up line, there is verified which is the maximum that has done the price in a certain period. If the bar on which it has produced the maximum, is the current bar, the indicator value is equal to 100, while if the maximum has occurred a number of rods behind the period indicated by the indicator, the value of this will be 0. In the case of Dw Aroon line, the process followed is the same but using said minimum instead of the maximum. [gallery ids="1247"]

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