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F Forex Market Course

Forex Market Course

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  1. The Forex Market - Basic Principles. Definition, characteristics of the market, Main advantages,
  2. How to trade in Forex?. Major currency trading, majors pairs , minor pairs, exotic pairs, trading examples.
  3. The Brokers. Definition, Types of brokers
  4. How to select a broker?. Advice or recommendations should be followed to select a broker.


5. Trading platform. Definition, characteristics required trading platform. 

  1. Trading on the Forex market (Ist part). Reading graphs, types graph (line chart, bar chart and candlestick charts candlestick).
  2. Trading on the Forex market (2nd part). Types of orders, enter orders of the market with the Meta Trader platform, modify orders.
  3. Technical analysis. Definition, Dow theory, principles of technical analysis, the trends, primary trend, secondary and minor.
  4. Phases of a primary trend. Phases of a bullish primary trend and bearish phases.
  5. Drawing a trend line. Trendline, bassist and side.
  6. Rupture of a trend line. The possible paths that take the money, the pull back
  7. Evaluation of a trendline. Strength of a trend line and size of a trendline.
  8. Take benefits in the break of a line of trend. Strategy Trading with trend line.
  9. Channels of trends. Draw and benefits of a trend channel.
  10. Support and resistance. Definition, rupture and draw of a support and resistance.
  11. Support and Resistance (Part 2). Points to consider the supports and resistance.
  12. Formations of Charts or chartists.
  13. Formations Shoulder - Head - Shoulder, Normal and Inverted
  14. Formations Double Top and Double Bottom
  15. Formations Triple Top and Triple Bottom
  16. Cup with Handle Pattern and Tureen or Saucer Pattern
  17. The Diamond - Change trend Pattern

ANNEX Currency Codes - ISO 4217

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