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F Free Course the Forex Market

Free Course the Forex Market

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We provide all the traders of the world the Forex Market Free Course Content

  • The Forex: Basics Fundaments, Classification of Currency, What are the currency markets? Features of the Forex Market, the six largest transaction currencies, spot market and Forward market, currency futures contracts, contracts of options on currencies, there are two types of options: call and put.
  • Fundamental Analysis – Part 1: What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental analysis tools, types of Fundamental Analysis: Top-Down Analysis, bottom-up analysis. Macroeconomic analysis, Sectoral Analysis, Analyzing the company, Balance sheet items, TOTAL LIABILITIES
  • Fundamental Analysis – Part 2: Income Statement, Valuation methods, Relative valuation using multipliers (stock ratios)
  • Technical Analysis – Basics Fundaments (Part 1): What is Technical Analysis? Philosophy of Technical Analysis, types of Charts in Technical Analysis, trend of Technical Analysis, support and resistance in Technical Analysis, trend Lines in Technical Analysis, determination of the strength of support and resistance, what constitutes a valid breakout of the trend line?
  • Technical Analysis – Formations of returns and continuation (Part 2): Figures of price in Technical Analysis: Return figures (Shoulder Head Shoulder, Double Top and Double Bottom, Turns in a day, Channels, Wedge) Figures of continuation (Triangles, Flags and Pennants)
  • Technical Analysis – Technical indicators (Part 3): Moving Averages, Moving Average Convergence Divergence – MACD, Oscillators: RSI, Bollinger bands

  Technical indicators

  •             Simple Moving Average: What is? How is it used? Suggestion of Trading
  •             Exponential Moving Average: What is? How is it used? Suggestion of Trading
  •             Weight Moving Average: What is? How is it used? Tips of Trading
  •             MACD: Definición, For why does it serve?, How is it used?, the formula of the MACD, tips of Trading,
  •             RSI: Definición, For why does it serve?, How is it used?, tips of Trading, calculations, example:
  •             Stochastic: What is stochastic?, Why does it serve the Stochastic?, How do you use the stochastic?, tips of Trading, calculations, example.
  •             Bollinger Bands
  •             Parabolic Sar
  •             Momentum: Definition, What is the use?, How is it used?, Tips of Trading, calculation, example.
  •             Average directional movement index – ADX: What is the use?, How is it used?, Tips of Trading, calculation, example.

  Guide Basic on economy interbank Market Chartism Economic Cycle CFDs.A little history about CFDs, How do CFDs work? There are two types of CFD, The two contracting options explained before give different results, Has it expiration a CFD? What are the advantages of CFDs? What are the disadvantages of CFDs? ETF Commodity: What is a commodity? How are they classified? How are these goods in practice handled? History

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