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T Trading Course

Trading Course

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We make available to you, completely free, the trading course designed to start your trade in financial markets. In principle, this course is designed for the futures markets, but the concepts can be used for all financial markets


Technical Analysis: Concepto del análisis técnico, diferencias entre el análisis técnico y el análisis fundamental. Use the information you provide the evolution of the stock price and the formation of patterns recognizable

The Candlestick: Candle with large real body, Candle with small real body, Candle “Marubozu”

The Candlesticks – Part 2: Candle “Karakasa”, Candle “Spinning”, Candle “Doji”

Other considerations on Doji candles: It consists of the only candle where the beginning and the end of session they coincide and therefore, it is of candles practically without real body.

Elliott waves (essentially): Basically, the Wave Principle says that markets follow a pattern that keeps repeating. According to Elliott, markets up/down in advances of 5 wave and continue with corrections of rest in 3 waves.

Trading Strategies (some): Time-based strategies, strategy based strong movements, strategy based on the against trend, strategy based on continued trend

Active Areas: Main features of the resistances and supports, When a resistance or support loses its effectiveness?, “Activity zones” or support and resistance lines, Resistances and supports that make up “activity zones” allow us to know

Manage trades (basic advice): Being inside the market we will try to optimize both the possible benefits and minimize possible losses

Reinforce the discipline (how?)

Basic systems of trading: Operating of form simple and effective

Basic systems of trading 2 (Part 1): Another way to operate - part 1

Basic systems of trading 2 (Part 2): Another way to operate - part 2

Economic data from the U.S.: Almost daily data and indicators are published in the U.S. economy, as well as appearances or statements of the monetary authorities. This set of data or information that affect positively or negatively the development of futures markets

Tips to operate than we must never forget: fifty four tips that a trader should take into account to trade in financial markets.

Interesting manifestations of prestigious trader Robert Prechter: Four points the prestigious trader Robert Prechter used to operate in the financial markets.


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