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4 hours MACD strategy Examples

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So far this has been a difficult month (January 2007) but since I have 190 pips and a big play is coming, as the price is within a range of about eight days, we'll see what happens.

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So far I have concentrated only to signal in the MACD window, so you are able to recognize it. It is easy to see the formation after it is created. It takes a little practice to recognize either the formations in the process of creation. Let's see a couple only to realize, how they are seen when the order is introduced

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Consider the graph above. See how the price levels play a role in the support and in the resistance of price movement.  Let's say I entered the market above Entry. Our first objective will be around our moving averages (8 EMA and 21 EMA). Our second aim of benefit will be about the mobile averages (89 SMA and 365 EMA). Our third aim of benefit will be price level 1.2100 etc. etc. etc.

This is how to plan in advance your trading plan, taking partial profits to complete the trade. There should be a moving average or price level close to and below your entry level, you have to keep in mind that the price could go try. Therefore its stop loss should be placed on them, and must be aware of them.

Again I ask you to consider the price movement around moving averages. When prices are above the SMA 89 is typically the trend bullish and vice versa. After the price crosses the SMA 89 tends to make a pullback to the EMA 21, before continuing with your address, if it is a trend that will change the direction, otherwise they tend to try to SMA 89 again, and then runs through the SMA 89, until it finds the address, and then goes to the EMA 21, before proceeding on their way

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